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I wrote the screenplay ‘You Are Now Leaving Las Vegas’ in 2016.

It’s an adventure drama about Stockholm Syndrome in the desert.

It made the Second Round in the Austin Film Festival and came within the top 20% of Nicholl Fellowship submissions in 2016.


I wrote the half-hour comedy pilot ‘Paddy Last’ in 2016.

It’s an Irish fish-out-of-water ‘Louie’.

It made the Quarter-Finals of the PAGE Awards contest in 2016.


I wrote the pilot for the half-hour comedy-drama pilot ‘For Pete’s Sake’ in 2014 with Eoin Duggan.

It’s a funny and touching look at nostalgia, friendship and adulthood in Ireland.


I wrote the screenplay ‘Homes’ in 2010.

It’s an honest look at divorce in Ireland, and the impact it has on children.

It received a 1st Degree Honour from my co-ordinator, Jenny Roche, NUIG, and came top of my Masters class.


I wrote the screenplay ‘Labors of Love’ in 2009.

It’s a social commentary on the lengths to which we go for success and fame, and the lines we cross in the process.

It received a 1st Degree Honour from my co-ordinator, Film Ireland’s Stephanie McBride, DCU.



Short Scripts


‘The Long Haul’

A minimalist short script about reconnecting, with the help of random acts of kindness. 7 pages.


‘Acceptance #1: Monsieur Bête’

A silent cryptic short about self-acceptance, for better or worse. 4 pages.



An Irish short script about true faith and understanding in a Catholic church. 5 pages.


I am also developing a number of other projects.

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