Conor, Electric Lodge

Leaving the stage after a reading at Electric Lodge, Venice, California



Happy Trails


Happy Trails


I wrote a fun, anecdotal travel e-book called ‘Happy Trails: How To Settle In Your New City’ under the name Connor McBride.

In it, I give tips and advice on making the big move, based on personal experience.

It also features inspiration from some of the world’s greatest minds and some mind-blowing photographs from Joan Maskerra and Verena Hofmarcher.

Download a free excerpt here.


It has received several glowing 5 star reviews.

Purchase for only  €6 and add your review:

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I’ve played drums in several bands, but have more recently written some of my own material under the name ‘no eskimo’.


I recorded a four-track demo called ‘devious happiness’ in 2012.


I have also recorded some rough demos in my bedroom.

I hope to record them properly soon, as an EP called ‘WORDSwords’.


Monthly Playlist


In 2015, I compiled a monthly playlist of new and old songs for your aural pleasure. Download below.


Download Conor’s December Celebration right here.

The Golden Echo



Get November’s playlist while it’s relatively fresh here.

Joanna Newsom


Get some chill-ish October here.

A Long Way To Fall


A September listen and feel good time here.

We Are Rising


August! Download here.

& Yet & Yet


A narrative: July’s Monthly Playlist.

The Knife



Here’s your inspiration, from June 2015.



May! Download here.



Download April’s playlist here.

You Are All I See


Download March here.

Out of Touch, In the Wild


Download the February playlist here.

Detective Novel


Start off the year right: Here’s January’s playlist.

Girl Band