Conor 7


This is where I leave all clips, image edits, mock-ups, mash-ups and muck-ups.

Many come from MacGuffin Tops, a fun website started by myself and Eoin Duggan, who deserves credit for many of these.

Feel free to share.



Images –


Wayne Regretzky


Wayne Regretzky



Marvel are back with their new group of no-more-than-average-heroes!

Low budget blockbuster.


Some resembly required.



So real:


Jeff Muppley



Feeling great, hay.


Feeling great, hay.




Ready or Not:


Time to Settle The Score



I’m not lion, this here’s some real manesplaining.


Leader of the Animal Blingdom



The after-school struggle.

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” – Zombie Pigman


A Nationalist Social Movement for all the family!



A romance to fill your spam inbox.

Just wait until you see the trailer.


A Nom Nom Rom Com



Meet Bjorc.

Icelandic warbler via Middle Earth.


Violently Happy



Michael Scott is getting in on the action!

Inspirational indeed.


I think that pretty much sums it up.

See the original Wayne Gretzky post here.



Ferris Bueller: Leader of the Pack.

The twisted brain-wrong of a one-off man-mental, Eoin Duggan.


A Pack of Wasters



The Game just got Playful-er!


Parental Advisory: Bouncy Content


Party Tip: Screw Bacardi Breezer!


Have you got a WK side?